1.1 What do I need to play at this casino?

 Part I – Getting started and opening an account

  • 1.2 How do I register and open an account?
  • 1.3 Is it free to open and maintain an account?
  • 1.4 Can I use the same account to Play For Free and Play For Real?
  • 1.5 What do I do if I forget my AccountName / password?
  • 1.6 How do I report my account lost or stolen?
  • 1.7 How do I change my AccountName or password?
  • 1.8 How do I update my personal information?
  • 1.9 Can I have more than one account?
  • 1.10 How do I close my account?
  • 1.11 How often must I login to keep my account open?

2.1 What is the difference between Play For Free and Play For Real modes?

 Part II – Play for free versus play for real modes

  • 2.2 Can I switch between Play For Free and Play For Real modes with the same account?
  • 2.3 Is the Play For Free and Play For Real software the same?
  • 2.4 How long can I Play For Free?

3.1 What are the 3 different suites and which will work best for me and my system? Part III – The games and the right suite for you

  • 3.2 What games are available in each suite and mode?
  • 3.3 How do I use the Web Deluxe and/or Basic Suites?
  • 3.4 How do I download and install the Download Deluxe Suite?

Part IV – The Cashier, adding funds and cash ins

General Cashier questions

  • 4.1 What is the Cashier and how does it work?
  • 4.2 What is “ezEcash?”
  • 4.3 What is the minimum and maximum deposit and cash in amounts?
  • 4.4 How do I increase my credit limit or player status?
  • 4.5 What is the Verification Code and how do I validate it?
  • 4.6 Are there any costs or fees for using the Cashier?
  • 4.7 What currencies does our casino transact in?
  • 4.8 How do I get an account statement of my financial transactions and game results?
  • 4.9 What payment methods do you accept for me to add funds to my account?

Adding funds to your account

  • 4.10 How do I add funds to my account?
    • 4.10.1 Using credit cards
      (a) What credit cards are accepted?
      (b) How do I add funds to my account using credit cards?
      (c) Why does my credit card keep getting declined?
    • 4.10.2 Using online checks
      (a) What are online checks, are they safe and how do they work?
      (b) Why should I use online checks?
      (c) How do I add funds to my account using online checks?
    • 4.10.3 Using Western Union
      (a) What is Western Union, is it safe and how does it work?
      (b) Why should I use Western Union?
      (c) How do I add funds to my account using Western Union?
    • 4.10.4 Using other payment methods
      (a) ClearChex
      (b) Wire
      (c) Check by regular mail
      (d) FirePay
      (e) Central Coin
      (f) Prepaid ATM

Cashing in and withdrawing funds from your account

  • 4.11 How do I cash in and withdraw funds from my account?
  • 4.12 Are there any restrictions before I can cash in and withdraw my funds?
  • 4.13 Can I modify/cancel my withdrawal after I make it?
  • 4.14 How long after I cash in will I receive my money?

5.1 What bonuses does the casino offer me?

 Part V – Bonus promotions and restrictions

  • 5.2 I have a Bonus Code, how do I add my bonus amount to my account?
  • 5.3 Are there any bonus restrictions before I cash in and withdraw my money?

6.1 Does the Starluck software have any bugs, software flaws or system problems? Part VI – Bugs, connection problems and interrupted games

  • 6.2 I was disconnected in the middle of a game. What should I do?
  • 6.3 What happens if I lost money because of a game or disconnection?

7.1 Are the games fair, random and tested?

 Part VII – Fairness, security and legal issues

  • 7.2 Is the Starluck software licensed?
  • 7.3 What are the game instructions and rules for each game?
  • 7.4 Is my account secure?
  • 7.5 Is it safe for me to send the casino my personal and financial information through the internet?
  • 7.6 What are my privacy rights?
  • 7.7 Is it legal for me to play here?
  • 7.8 Can I link to this casino from my own webpage?
  • 7.9 What are the terms and conditions that govern my account?

8.1 What are the minimum system requirements for the Download Deluxe Suite? Part VIII – Download Deluxe Suite user guide

  • 8.2 How large is the Download Deluxe Suite file?
  • 8.3 Does the Download Deluxe Suite support Macintosh?
  • 8.4 How do I install the Download Deluxe Suite using Microsoft Internet Explorer?
  • 8.5 How do I install the Download Deluxe Suite using Netscape Navigator?
  • 8.6 I have downloaded the software but it didn’t self-install or self-start, how do I find it on my computer to install and start it myself?
  • 8.7 I have installed the software but how do I start it?
  • 8.8 How do I turn on and off the sounds?